Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold Outside, But Warm Inside

A new semester has begun and after less than 2 weeks of class the ground in Chapel Hill, N.C. has turned completely white. Yeesssss!.....It snowed yesterday; a rare happening in the central part of the Tarheel State. In sum, I must say it is extremely cold outside, but warm inside. Warm not only inside the walls of the School of Social Work at UNC, but warm within my heart and soul. As I embark upon a new semester I realize that I am much closer to acquiring a MSW than I was two months ago. I feel warm inside because last semester was extremely strenuous as a dual degree candidate, but I somehow made it to Spring 09. I am warm inside because I will have the opportunity this summer to engage in a 10-week internship that will be life altering for me, as well as children and families that I encounter later in life. I am warm inside because of the historic moment that our nation and nations around the world were able to witness on yesterday, 1/20/09. It is my pleasure to let the world know that although it is cold outside, I am warm inside and optimistic about life as a graduate student at UNC. Go HEELS!!

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