Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Over!

The semester has ended and Christmas is two days away!! What a great feeling.... family, friends, food, and fellowship.....all the wonderful things that bring great eustress after a long semester of writing papers, reading articles, role playing, doing group work, giving presentations, and much more. Although the Winter Break is not officially a break for me, it is a great time to relax mentally and prepare for Spring classes. When you have passion within it's sometimes hard to just chill as the world around you continues to revolve. As a grad student, my winter break has been spent working to pay bills, emailing potential agencies in regard to a summer internship, completing additional coursework from Fall, preparing for spring classes, and working on various projects with my RA position. I guess this is the world of a dual degree candidate; when you're being exposed to two disciplines....it may not appear to be luxurious at the moment, but the hard work and dedication will someday pay off not only for me, but for children and families across N.C. and the nation. So no matter what it may seem like....I'm still living the Good Life of a MSW/MPA dual degree student!!!

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