Thursday, October 23, 2008


Now that Fall Break has come and gone, the fall semester is almost over. Pretty soon Thanksgiving Break will be here and before you know it the semester will be complete. What a joy that will bring! In the meantime, it's very refreshing to know that as a graduate student with the SSW at UNC-Chapel Hill you actually get a fall break. This Fall Break I had the pleasure of getting away to San Franciso, California! (Talking about a vacation much needed) I was able to go wine tasting in the famous Napa Valley and sightseeing at Fisherman's Warf; which included a boat tour up close and personal at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alacatraz. In fact, the most significant thing about my Fall Break was the fact that I didn't do any school work at all. A mental break was definitely in order and as a graduate student that is something that many individuals failed to realize. It's okay to say enough is enough sometimes because at the end of the day your physical and mental health is key! Better to get in the habit of taking care of myself now than waiting until I begin direct practice with children and families.

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