Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faculty Support

If you're wondering how complicated life is as a graduate student. I will be very candid and say that the demands are high, readings are long, lectures are a must, caffeine will become your best friend, and most importantly, faculty support is mandatory. Faculty support at the School of Social Work has made a world of difference in my experience as a graduate student. Being away from one's hometown, family, and close friends is a hard task to overcome in and of itself, but factoring graduate school into the equation makes being away from social supports seemingly unbearable. There are times when the stress of being a student causes me to question whether or not I should continue my studies. It is at these times that the faculty support provided by the professors and staff at UNC are invaluable. Having someone to validate your feelings, offer advice, guide you, and be supportive of your endeavors are all the many reasons why faculty support is mandatory in any graduate level program. Personally, I'm extremely thankful that I chose UNC School of Social Work, an institution that not only prides itself on faculty support but an institution that actually delivers!!

Thanks to the professors and faculty who have impacted my experience!!!
(You know who you are)

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