Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here's a shout-out to all the faculty who have engaged in the Fall 2009 Students Achieving Graduate Education (S.A.G.E) activities. THANKS for all that you do!!

During the three years that I have been at UNC, it has been a pleasure to be involved in S.A.G.E. S.A.G.E. exist thanks to the brilliance of two School of Social Work faculty ( Dr. Vanessa Hodges and Dr. Iris Carlton-LaNey). For curious minds who want to know, S.A.G.E is a program or perhaps you would say a series of planned activities focused on students of color at UNC's School of Social Work. S.A.G.E. exist as a forum for students of color to address the challenges of being a minority at a majority insitution. For me, S.A.G.E. has offered a bonding experience with colleagues and faculty. It has strengthened my committment to social justice and welfare and indirectly provided me with my 2009-2010 Research Assistantship.

Some of S.A.G.E.'s yearly activities include: pre-orientation, potlucks, discussion forums, community outings, etc.

Stay tuned for future S.A.G.E. happenings at UNC's School of Social Work....

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Centenial College said...

Its good to know that people today too are involved in social work and getting into this field professionally also. This will help in, people respecting each other and in being humble to each other as well.