Thursday, July 30, 2009

Professional Work Experience

The summer is almost over and classes will be resuming soon. As a dual degree student, my summer has been spent completing a professional work experience (internship) with the Director of Guildford County Department of Social Services. This experience has been extremely rewarding and educational on multiple levels. It's not often that you get the opportunity to work directly with a public administrator who oversees 600+ employees. Additionally, I have begun the process of formulating my research topic for my final year Capstone Paper (a MPA requirement; similar to that of a thesis). My plan is to address "How are N.C. counties reducing the number of children in foster care". If anyone has any ideas thoughts or feedback you'd like to put out there about foster care, feel free to hit me up. Until next time, be easy and strive to create the change that you desire to see in the world.....that's definitely my plan!

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